How old is this 8 point?

By Grant Woods,

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I got a new 8 point in trail camera I guess him at 2.5-3 and plan to pass him but I would like a second opinion on his age?


The best view for estimating a buck’s age is when the deer is perpendicular to the camera and his head is up.  Other factors that help increase the accuracy of the estimate is knowing where the buck is living (state) and the local habitat quality (primarily timber, soybeans and corn, etc.).

Based on what I can see and know about this buck it appears his neck merges with his chest well above his brisket.  His back and belly don’t sag and his front shoulders are not fully developed.  His chest doesn’t sag below where his leg meets his shoulder.  If you cover his antlers his body appears like a doe.  These are all indicators of a 2.5 year old or younger buck.  

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December 6, 2015