How old are these North Carolina bucks?

By Grant Woods,

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Hey Grant,

I just want to say that I stumbled on your videos on YOU TUBE and have enjoyed and appreciate you sharing your knowledge about deer with the world. I also think it’s awesome that you want people to think about the Lord when they are out in His world.

Now to my question. Like other hunters I would like for you to look at this deer picture and estimate their ages. I am in Durham, North Carolina and these deer are big compared to what we typically see. These 2 deer came by my stand (while I was hunting) but never offered a shot. The deer on the left seems to be the boss. He came out second and nudged the buck on the right with his antlers as if telling him when to move. The deer are also 2 different colors. The one on the left is brown and the other is gray. The one on the right looks older to me, but what do you think. Thanks for your input.

Josh Harris


Those are some nice bucks!  The buck on the right isn’t in a good position to accurately estimate his age.

The neck of buck on the left merges with his chest about the top of his brisket.  There’s no sag in his back or belly.  His antler bases appear smaller than or equal to the diameter of his eyes.  Based on these observations I estimate this buck is three years old.  

Enjoy creation,

October 20, 2015