How old are these bucks and will they come back?

By Grant Woods,

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This past deer season I had two bucks that were on my trail cam that I only saw one time. I never saw these bucks in person or on my trail cam again. I was wondering if you could estimate there age for me and if you think they were killed or if I should have seen them again.


Those are nice bucks!  Unfortunately neither buck offers a full broadside view so their age can’t be accurately estimated.  It appears the neck of the buck in the first picture merges with the chest well above his brisket. If this is accurate then the buck is probably two or three years old.  

All deer seek quality food, cover, and water resources that aren’t associated with danger.  You may wish to try moving your cameras, etc., to areas that deer don’t associate with danger.  It’s possible these bucks’ home ranges just barely includes the area you hunt and they only frequent that part of their home range occasionally.  

Late summer is a great time to determine which bucks are in an area.  Be sure and have your cameras out before next season in areas where the preferred food, cover, or water is for that time of year/conditions.

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January 22, 2016