How old are these bucks?

By Grant Woods,

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These are the first bucks I’ve ever got on my camera and I’m super excited because we rarely get to see bucks like this. My brother shot a nice one 2 years ago.(the big fork one) But now We’ve got a bigger one coming to the apples and I was wondering how old you think he is? Could you also estimate the age of the smaller one?
(These are black-tails from Washington State)


Wow, that is exciting! We don’t often get to estimate age on black-tails, so thanks for sharing! Congrats to your brother for his harvest as well. 

The younger of the bucks, the first and third picture, appears to be 1.5 years of age. He is sporting his first year of antlers. It will be neat to see how he develops! 

The other buck in the second and fourth picture looks to be 2.5 years old. You can see he has a larger more developed neck as well as more overall mass throughout his body. 

Best wishes this season! 

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