How old and/or what’s wrong with this buck?

By Grant Woods,

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Hi Grant,

(thanks for fowarding me here for this conversation)

I was a part of a wonderful experience last week with my 10 year old son – he took his first deer, a buck! Shortly after, we had another buck come in…and I took him! It was our first double!! My son’s first deer ever, he was really wanting me to take this deer – felt like an opportunity that we might not get again. For me, it’s a lifetime memory made! What a day…what a gift!

The buck I shot, had one side of his rack busted off; he was severely worn down( compared to the other deer). I am attaching a pic and video of this deer. I’m wondering what you can tell from him? I haven’t personally seen one this worn down. Was it due to the rut and fighting and chasing? Was it age? (much darker than the younger deer) Was it illness? Any thoughts you have would be great. I have not seen deer like this one on this property or any others around us.

Thanks for any feedback, sir!

( I couldn’t get the video to upload…so I’m posting a link to one of the videos of this deer)

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Congratulations on a father/son double!  

I appears the buck you tagged has an injured rear leg.  This could be from fighting, accident, etc.

Unless you saw signs of infection while processing the deer the meat should be fine for consumption!  

It’s tough to accurately estimate the buck’s age because he’s walking away from the camera and doesn’t have normal posture due to the injury.  

Looks like you tagged a fighter!

Enjoy creation,


December 16, 2015