How much Potassium do Deer Require?

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How much potassium do whitetails need?  Deer consume the potassium chloride pellets that I have experimentally added to mineral licks.  What would be the optimum sodium/potassium ratio for deer?



I’m not aware of any recent research on potassium needs of white-tailed deer.  Dr. Weeks published that potassium content in a whitetail’s diet varies significantly month to month with the highest intake occurring in April (26 g/kg) and a low of 12 g/kg during February and October.  I suspect if you observed deer regularly using the potassium chloride pellets in months besides March, April, or May that either potassium levels are low in the local soils and crops, or deer were using the pellets because of the salt content.

Thanks for sharing your observations!

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