How many mineral sites should I have on 330 acres?

By Grant Woods,

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Dr Woods, I have a 330 acre piece of land that I hunt and I want to established a few mineral sites on my property. The deer have never seen a mineral site and was wondering which Trophy Rock product would be better to get these sites started?? The Regular Trophy Rock or the 465?? Also how many do i need on 330 acres?? Thanks for all your help. Tim


I use Trophy Rock’s Four65.  Either will work fine!  I prefer Four65 as there are more pounds per dollar!

I’d recommend starting with four sites – one is each quadrant of your property.  If lots of deer start using a site add another in that quadrant.  If you are getting bucks on camera that aren’t using a site, add another site near where those bucks were photographed.

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February 5, 2015