How Many Deer?

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Dr. Woods,

What is the most accurate way to figure the deer population on my property?  I have about 145 acres and I plant part of it in food plots and I supplemental feed.  It seems the more food plots I put out the more it gets eaten down by the deer.  I know that I also need to figure out my buck to doe ratio to help me manage the land.  I would appreciate your help.




I believe the most accurate and practical method to accurately estimate how many deer are using a property, the herd’s adult sex ratio, age structure of bucks, buck:doe ratio, etc. is by performing a camera survey.  In fact, I’m currently in the middle of a camera survey at The Proving Grounds.  I perform a camera survey every year at my place.  It is a fabulous tool for deer and habitat managers.  I’ve written a detailed list of instructions on how to perform a camera survey.

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