How Many Cameras Should be Used in my Camera Survey?

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Hey Grant,

I want to do a camera survey on my property to find out what our buck to doe ratio is and take a buck inventory. Our lease is 2,100 acres, how many cameras will I need and what is the best time of the year to do a survey? I heard you mention the Reconyx brand cameras in your video, I am going to buy some cameras for this survey would you recommend Reconyx over other brands of cameras? If yes, why?


Brett (Albany, GA)


A camera survey is a great tool for estimating the number of bucks in a herd, the age structure of the population, and the antler size of individual bucks. I typically use one camera per 100 acres — more on properties with dense cover, less on those with more open habitat (area with lots of agriculture, etc.). Practically speaking, the higher the camera density, the more accurate the survey results. The goal of a survey is to get an image of as many individuals from the herd as possible. This is accomplished by placing cameras aimed toward something deer want that has limited distribution throughout the property to be surveyed. For instance, during the time when the bucks’ antlers are uniquelyReconyx trail camera identifiable the food resources tend to be the lowest (August and January).  Corn and/or minerals work great during August and corn during January. I prefer the pre-hunting season data (enjoy knowing how many mature bucks are on The Proving Grounds before the season opens each year) so I conduct surveys at my place and for clients during August.

I really like the Reconyx trail cameras. They have a very fast trigger speed, great image quality, and fabulous battery life. I really like how long they last. I have two Reconyx cameras that I’ve used constantly for 5+ years! I think that’s a great value!

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