How many bucks can be harvested from 100 acres?

By Grant Woods,

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We have 4 hunters on my 100 acre lot and each one of us harvested a buck it was 1 6 pt and 2 smaller 8s and an 8 with a 20″ spread what am I looking at in the next season just all smaller bucks or none at all


Sounds like you and your guests had a fun hunt!  

Very rarely do deer have a range of 100 acres or less.  The home ranges of these bucks most likely included portions of neighboring properties.  The impact the of buck harvest would have to be considered on a larger scale.  You should inquire about how many bucks where harvested on neighboring properties.  If there weren’t many bucks harvested in the area then the herd is probably in good shape.  If your neighbors had a similar harvest (buck per 25 acres) then I doubt many bucks will survive to maturity in the area.  

if no does were harvested in the area there should be a supply of yearling bucks annually. This is how deer herds were commonly managed in many areas decades ago.  The harvest indicates your goals are for quantity, not quality

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November 27, 2015