How many acres is needed to produce decent (110″) bucks and allow three guys to hunt without alarming deer?

By Grant Woods,

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On a rough estimate how many acres would be needed to have 3 hunters hunting often without pressuring the deer heavily? Also what acreage would be needed to manage it properly for decent bucks and does, in other words to just improve the hunting to the point where the opportunity will present itself at a decent buck year after year (by decent i mean any buck over 110 inches)
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Whew – there’s too many variables for me to give you an accurate answer!

Yearling bucks in areas with great food (areas that grow a lot of soybeans and corn) and produce antlers that score 110″.  For comparison bucks may have to be three or four years old to produce antlers that score 110″ in areas with poor/sandy soil and covered primarily with mature trees.

The amount of hunting pressure on neighboring properties is also a very large factor.  I’ve known 100 acre tracts that were bordered by parks, no hunting areas, etc., where hunters tagged 20 or more deer annually.  They created great food sources and hunted smart and deer from surrounding properties continued to frequent the relatively small tract.

I suggest you strongly consider the quality of habitat and hunting pressure and habitat quality on neighboring properties before you lease or purchase any land for hunting.

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December 21, 2015