How long should I leave coyote and bobcat traps out before moving them?

By Grant Woods,

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I’ve set coyote and bobcat traps out, with no luck so far. How long should I leave a set in one place before moving location? I’m in great locations with several photos of cats and coyotes at the set locations. My traps have been set in the same location for seven days as of this message.

If I should leave them in place for a while longer….how often should I refresh the bait and lure?


I’ve had traps out for a month before catching a coyote. As long a the trap is bedded well and isn’t frozen in the ground or washed out by rain, I don’t add any additional lure. I’ve had coyotes come work where lure was many weeks earlier.  

If the traps have been sprung or you suspect detected by coyotes then it may be time to move and try a new location or set type.

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February 21, 2016