How I Use Trophy Rock

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I see you are a fan of Trophy Rock.  I have been using it for over 15 years now.  The application process of placing it on a flat rock is something I have never done.  So I am wondering, have I been using the Trophy Rock incorrectly all these years?  We usually place the Trophy Rock in a flat area where trails seem to converge.  We scrape a spot out and sometimes dig a little then put the rock in that spot.  We then set up a camera to see what is visiting the spot.  Any suggestions to use it better?  Do your deer lick, paw or eat the dirt around the Trophy Rock that has been on the flat rock?



I do like Trophy Rock on large flat  rocks in areas of high deer usage.  If I place the Trophy Rock by a water source I always place it downhill from the water source, so it doesn’t leak directly into the water.

I have literally thousands of pictures of deer licking the rock.  There is certainly evidence that deer will paw, or likely consume, the dirt where the Trophy Rock has leaked off the rock I have placed it on.  My objective is for the deer to consume Trophy Rock to obtain a full complement of trace minerals.  In addition, it is probably a bit more sanitary to place the Trophy Rock up on a non-permeable surface compared to placing it directly on the ground.

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