How hard is it to pass a trapping license test?

By Grant Woods,

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Hello again,
So I am looking into getting a trapping license this year and I was wondering if I use a 24 inch long rebar stake will it hold a coyote? and if you guys spray paint your traps? I’ve heard it extends the trap life and prevents rust so I thought you guys might want to try it. Below is a picture of what it looks like on traps (the best is the high heat tolerant paint). And I just wanted to ask also, how hard is the test to get a trapping license?
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Most states have different requirements for getting a trapping license. I don’t know what state you are in but am confident you will pass the test if you study!

I prefer dipping my traps in wax.  Wax is a great lubricant and allows traps to snap rapidly.  

Most trappers, including myself, prefer to cross stake or use two stakes to secure traps.  Coyotes tend to jump when in a trap and can pump a single stake out of the ground.

I welcome another trapper among our fold!!


March 2, 2016