How fast does doe urine break down?

By Grant Woods,

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Hey there, I was recently listening to a very informative podcast where Grant was giving early season tips. During the podcast he said that all mammals’ urine breaks down to amonia very quickly. My question is, do bottled scents such as doe and buck urine break down at the same rate or are they concentrated to where they last longer? Also, does estrous in the urine of a doe break down quickly as well or stay more potent longer? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Good luck and safe hunting to all you guys at the Growing Deer team. Thanks and God Bless


Without any additives deer urine from either gender will break down rapidly.  The chemical compounds in urine are very volatile.  Some companies may use some type of preservative. I suspect there’s more hope in synthetic (manufactured) scents or using fresh human urine.

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