How does barometric pressure influence your stand selection?

By Grant Woods,

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Hello Grant,
I wanted to give you an email to ask you about Barometric Pressure. I know i have watched a video of yours where you talk about when to hunt certain stands based on barometric pressure, and when its either cold or warmer weather. Can you give me information on this. examples when to hunt stands in lower areas compared to higher up areas on a ridge, or when to hunt a stand when it is warmer or colder based on barometric pressure.
Please and Thank You!!


I really enjoy hunting during changing weather.  The barometric pressure usually changes just before a major change in weather.  Deer tend to feed before substantial changes in weather.  Hence, I typically hunt near food resources when the barometer is rapidly rising or falling.  

When the barometric pressure is stable (and weather conditions are constant) I tend to hunt closer to bedding areas since deer often leave the bedding areas close to dark.  

There are several other factors but the barometer is certainly one that I watch daily during deer season.

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