How do you prepare the Duke traps for trapping?

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I am very much interested in trapping raccoons. I have purchased a half dozen Duke dog proof coon traps to start, as per your videos. I have been to several web sites looking for trapping information on how to prep the traps and have come away confused. The last video with the pro trapper on trapping coyotes and bobcats was great and gave me more info on the sets but not on prepping the trap and tie-down cables, etc. This is where I lack the most knowledge. Any recommended reading? I’ve searched your FAQ, etc. but have not found what I’m looking for. Thank you for your help and I continue to enjoy all your video postings.

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I either use rebar to stake down my Duke DP traps or use a D loop (buy at Lowes, etc.) and some 1/8″ cable with fastened loops at both ends. I place the cable around a tree and through one loop and then fasten the loop to the chain on the DP trap with the D Loop. This is quicker and easier than driving stakes. The D Loop is a quick link that screws closed. The snap closed links will open if a critter or the cable hits them right. How the cables are made isn’t as important as insuring they will hold the critter when they tug. You may wish to view past episodes about trapping by looking in our archives.  Go to this link and page down and on the left you will see a Trapping section. In those episodes I think you’ll find all the info you are seeking.

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