How do you feel about eating deer that have consumed GMO soybeans?

By Grant Woods,

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My question is, how do you feel about GMO’s (geneticly modified organisms). I assume that your forage soybeans have been geneticly midified to acheive maxumum results for food plots. Im wondering since the deer eat so much of these soybeans does this take away from being able to harvest something that is 100% natural. I have been hunting for many years and have taken many deer for my family to enjoy and not worry about eating something that we dont want to eat. I look forward to your response. I love your show and keep it up.


Good question!  Literally tens of millions of deer have consumed GMO beans and corn for years and there’s never been one scientific study to show a negative response. The same is true for humans!  Even Reader’s Digest recently published that there’s never been one scientific study that showed any human or critter health concerns related to GMO plants.  

There are tons of rumors and Hollywood-based stories, but no research to support the myths.  It is certain that modern herbicides are much safer than those used during the 1970’s.  It’s also certain that farmers couldn’t produce the current yields without herbicides.  

I use and recommend folks use the minimal amounts of herbicide.  However, modern or current herbicides are a great tool that has benefitted wildlife and humans and significantly reduced the amount of fuels needed for plowing and erosion caused by poor soil management techniques. There are many tangible positives that have been researched and proven associated with property herbicide use!

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