How do I submit my soil samples for analyses at Waters Ag?

By Grant Woods,

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Hey grant, just wanting to see if you could give me the process by which I send in my soils for the soil analysis at waters agricultural laboratories in Owensboro,ky.


I’m very proud of you for have the soil analyzed!  That’s a critical step to growing quality forage!!

You may wish to check out the GrowingDeer episode at the following link to see the steps I use to collect the sample:

Once the samples are collected I simple make sure each sample is labeled. I usually label each sample with a simple numeric code which makes it easier for the lab folks to record. I make sure I have a key for numbers that relate to the food plot names.  

I also insure I tell the lab, by using the forms available at:

I make sure communicate to the lab what crops I will be planting. Remember that different crops requires different amounts of soil nutrients.

The folks at Water’s Ag are very good to assist with this process.  Feel free to give them a call!

Enjoy creation,


January 10, 2016