How do I pick a stand site when there are acorns everywhere?

By Grant Woods,

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First off, I love your show. I watch 2 to 3 episodes a night before bed on youtube and I always manage to learn something new. I really enjoy it. But down to business.
There is one big mature buck in this area but I can’t seem to corner him. There are a couple small bucks but not much competition. Now my question is, where would I put a stand to be most effective in seeing this buck? (the red dots indicate rubs, the white dots are scrapes and the green circles are known bedding areas) I’m having trouble with this because the scrapes haven’t been freshened up in about 3 weeks even though it has rained so I can’t really hunt them. Also there’s no single food source because its all hardwoods where he’s active and there are acorns literally everywhere. Should I just put a stand near some travel areas for does and hope he’s with them as the rut is fast approaching here in GA? Thanks in advance


It can be very difficult or impossible to pattern a buck in areas where there are acorns almost everywhere.  If there are no obvious bottlenecks I hunt the most sign that can be approached without alerting deer.  As the acorns become less plentiful you may find preferred feeding areas.

I’d certainly check out the apparent travel area between the two bedding areas that next to the clearcut.  I suspect bucks will travel that route often during the rut.

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November 2, 2015