How can we improve the 110 acres of timber we hunt?

By Grant Woods,

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Hi Grant, we (my father and I) manage about 110 acres of nothing but pure timber. We’ve been blessed with nice bucks, but our neighbors are killing much better bucks than us. What management and hunting strategies could we be implementing to attract more deer to our property and killing bigger bucks.


Bucks seek sources of food, cover, and water that they don’t associate with danger.  Unless timber is cut, it will be difficult to improve the quality of food and cover.  Without habitat work the best strategy may be to hunt smart and intentionally limit the disturbance to deer on the property.  This may encourage deer to use the 110 acres more frequently.

In addition, I suggest you study neighboring properties using maps, etc., and determine other sources of food, cover, and water in the area and how deer may travel across your property to use those resources.

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December 3, 2015