How can the quality of native browse be improved in pasture habitat?

By Grant Woods,

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I have pasture land very similar to what is shown here in this last weeks episode (Bow Hunting Whitetails 2015: Red Hot Doe Patrol) . What is the best way to maintain this natural habitat and continue to keep it healthy and maximum capacity of forage and cover. I know control burn is a tool, however I am not trained and after contacting local fire dept. they do not have the capabilities to handle this either. Thank you for your time


Some state wildlife departments will assist landowners with implementing prescribed fire. If assistance isn’t available in your area mowing or a combination of mowing and herbicide might be the next best option.

Most vegetation is more palatable and better quality when it’s young and/or actively growing. Mowing sets back the stage of maturity of most types of vegetation.  If there are areas with fescue or other species that deer don’t eat you might use a herbicide to remove that vegetation and hope something more desirable replaces it – or reseed the treated areas with a better quality forage.

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November 11, 2015