How can I improve the habitat in this stand of mature timber in Tennessee?

By Grant Woods,

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How can I improve my habitat? I know it’s a commonly asked question on how can I improve my mature hardwoods. The problem with my habitat is that the almost all of the ridge is mature oaks, with no cover or understory. The slope is almost 45 degrees at some places with really rocky soil. I live in Tennessee so the soil isn’t ideal. What can I do to improve this 7 acres, it’s all I have. I have a plentiful number of turkeys but no deer. Please help and have blessed day. Also a have a merry Christmas.


Deer need food, cover, and water daily. Mature timber rarely provides quality food or cover.  If you have permission, you could remove some of the trees from an acre or so and create a food plot or area of cover. The easiest and safest method to allow sunlight to reach the ground is to use the Hack n Squirt technique.  Check out the Hack n Squirt technique at:

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December 21, 2015