How can I improve my spot?

By Grant Woods,

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I have a very urban spot, set up in a turtle blind. All I feed is apples and corn in a pile. I am only 14 years old so i can’t move my spot. Plus I haven’t seen a mature buck on camera at all this year. I want to make my spot better, but i don’t know how. Another thing is that this place about 3-4 years back was a honey hole. Now there’s barely anything. So basically my question is how can I make my spot better?


I’m glad you have a place to hunt!  

Has anything changed in the area would have caused the deer to alter their pattern?  Maybe new construction or a change in crops close by?  If the habitat has remained relatively stable are there other factors that may be alerting deer such as new dogs, etc., in the area?

Deer often do a better job of patterning us than we do patterning them?  I try to approach, hunt, and exit my stand without alerting deer.   

As the winter progresses and food resources become limited hopefully deer will return to using the area around your blind!

Enjoy creation,


November 19, 2015