How can I get deer to walk by my stand in Virginia?

By Grant Woods,

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How do I get deer to walk by my stand? I have been hunting for 4 years I’m now 13 I still have not killed a deer only 2 deer have walked past my stand 1 was a mature buck did not offer a shot 2nd was my first shot at a deer I missed with a crossbow. In VA we can’t bait, I hunt on a land owners woods.


My daughter Rae is 13!  

Baiting is illegal in Missouri also.  So I scout and try to place stands where deer are traveling. Just as importantly is to not condition deer to avoiding that area. This means only hunting the stand when the wind is favorable, being quiet when approaching, hunting, and exiting the stand, etc.  

If deer are avoiding your stand location you might consider moving the stand.  Deer often change patterns and food sources, predators, etc., change.

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October 27, 2015