How can I establish and maintain food plots when live five hours from where I hunt?

By Grant Woods,

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Our hunting property is about 5 hours from me in KY (now live in St. Louis). What would be the most efficient food plot strategy knowing I can only get there 2-3 times during the off season with limited equipment (atv, tractor, disc harrow, bush hog, and sprayer)?


Some of my clients hire local farmers, etc., to prepare their plots.  Others hire a food plot contractor.  Paul Hollis (lives in St. Louis) does some food plot contracting work. They do turf management for major athletic fields, golf courses, etc.  Paul enjoys hunting and does some food plot work also. Paul’s number is:  636 326 1009.

Forage soybeans probably require the least amount of work to produce a crop.  You’ll need to lime and fertilize, prepare a seedbed, plant, spray at least one.  This could be performed in three trips if the weather and equipment cooperate!

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November 24, 2015