How can I encourage deer to spend more time on the property where I hunt in north Alabama?

By Grant Woods,

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Dear Dr. Grant,
I have some property in north alabama that is similar to the proving grounds you hunt on. It is very hilly with rocks in the soil. It is all hard woods and one big crp field, but has some big bucks that travel through the area quite often but I need them to stay on my property any tips?


Deer, especially mature bucks, seek the best sources of food, cover, and water within their home range that they don’t associate with danger. I suggest you use Google Earth, etc., and study the neighboring properties and determine the likely best sources of food, cover, and water.  It may be that you can create a better source of one of these necessary resources where you hunt or determine travel paths between these resources on neighboring properties that cross where you hunt.

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December 30, 2015