How can I determine the direction deer are traveling?

By Grant Woods,

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I was wondering if you had any suggestions for intercepting deer at shooting light..? I have a few stands with decent activity, but all that activity is usually within 20-30 mins before or after shooting light. How do I figure out which direction they’re actually coming from to maybe move my stand a little closer to and catch them during shooting light? I have a lot of good sign where I sit. Runs, scrapes, rubs. I have had some dawn and dusk activity on a camera in the area, but that is sporadic at best. I really appreciate the information you provide through Thank you for any advice you can give!


You might move one of your trail cameras to monitor the sign. The pictures will tell you which way the deer are moving.  It sounds as if you know where the deer commonly bed. It’s safe to assume they are moving toward the bedding area during the morning and away from it during the late afternoons.  

Deer tend to move later during the morning and earlier during the afternoon just before and during cold fronts.  Try to use this to your advantage and hunt when cold fronts are passing!

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November 25, 2015