How can I control Sericea lespedeza?

By Grant Woods,

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I am planting several areas in SC that have serrica lespedesa that has been present for years. I was planning to use glycophosphate at spring green up. Would you also use a pre emergent herbicide to decrease the weed bank? If so how long would you delay planting? thanks!


Glyphosate won’t control Sericea lespedeza.  Check out the following link for some good information about controlling Sericea.  You are correct that there will likely be a huge seed bank.  It typically takes me two to three years to get Sericea controlled. I have had success killing the existing Sericea and then planting Roundup Ready beans and controlling most of the Sericea.  This required spot spraying the larger patches of Sericea with herbicides in addition to glyphosate.

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December 15, 2015