How can I apply more of your tips?

By Grant Woods,

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my son who has just turned three years old has FPIES ( short story it’s frustrating and challenging and whitetail deer is the only meat that he can eat(I know it sounds bizarre but it’s true). He will need approx 6-7 deer this season in Pennsylvania to feed him through next year. So far i’ve been provided with 4 deer through friends and family and the help of facebook(last year I harvest a buck and doe myself and friends and family helped with two). The last two I would like to be provided by myself. My grandfather taught me to hunt deer but now most of the land we used to hunt is posted. It’s hard to hunt public land and a lot of the land my grand father and I hunted is posted. so it’s hard to practice the tips/tricks that you post. My father in law and I belong to a camp which owns 30 acres which is bordered by posted land and some public which it’s again hard to practice your deer management tips with. Apart from purchasing acreage do you have any ideas or tips/tricks I could use? At our camp I have had about three larger buck(3.5 -4.5 years old) on my trail cams through the summer but so far during archery I haven’t be able to locate them.

thanks for all the videos and advice when I’m able to buy some land I will put your practices into play.

P.S. I want your job. What a better way to spend your days doing something you love. You are blessed.

Thanks again
Ryan Pheasant


I’m glad your son received an accurate diagnosis and you have a plan!  

Getting pics of a mature buck for each 10 acres is impressive!  The 30 acres you hunt is obviously in a good location.  When Tracy and I was first married I traded workdays to access and help manage a 600 acre property.  This may be an option.  I focus on hunting techniques and studying the available resources when hunting public land.  In addition, I study patterns of other hunters and hunting pressure.  This can be a huge factor in when deer are active.

You are hunting for a very important mission. May God bless you with plenty of venison!


October 27, 2015