Holding Mature Bucks on Small Properties

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I own 30 acres and I’m wanting to know the best way to try and pull deer off surrounding land.  I put in about 2 acres of corn and beans while trying to let the back 5 acres grow up.  As expected, I just get bucks on my land during the rut.  How do I keep the bucks around?




I think you are already on the right track.  Two things I would focus on are maximizing the productivity of the food plots to make sure you have enough food to last through the hunting season and minimizing disturbance.  I am a big fan of Roundup Ready crops because I have the ability to nearly eliminate weed competition both before planting and well after the crop has come up.  This helps to ensure that my lime/fertilizer is being utilized by the crops, eaten by deer, and transferred to the bodies and antlers of my deer herd.  Healthy plants are also more palatable to deer and thus hold their attention better.

Disturbance can be difficult to manage on small properties because they are often multiuse areas.  To maximize deer use I always try to limit my presence as much as possible.  Obviously planting/spraying, etc. is required but other than that I try to stay out of the areas designated as cover or sanctuaries.

Remember that deer require food, cover, and water daily.  If you have the best sources of food, cover, and water in your neighborhood and deer don’t associate these resources with danger, mature bucks will spend a majority of their time on your property versus the neighbors.

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