Herbicide to Control Weeds in Clover

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I am in southwest Missouri and I planted a clover plot back in mid-April. The clover is doing well, but there are quite a few weeds in it too. What can I do to get rid of the weeds?



There is not a great option for controlling weeds in clover. Mowing will only serve to set back most species of grass (like mowing your yard). Pursuit herbicide will control some species of broadleaf weeds in clover, but can burn the clover a bit. This causes a bit of stress to clover, but shouldn’t kill it if applied per the guidelines in the label. 2,4-DB herbicide will also control some species of broadleaf weeds in clover when applied per instructions in the label. To see if either herbicide will control the targeted weeds, simply check the label for each herbicide online and compare the weeds each will control with the species of weeds in your plot.

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