Herbicide rates for controlling grass in clover

By Grant Woods,

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I have a 52 acre farm in central Arkansas.

We have 2.5 acres in ladino white clover.  I purchased 1 gallon of Arrow this spring, but did not have time to apply.  At what rate of Arrow and surfactant did you use to spot spray?



We try to follow the recommendations on herbicide labels.  This includes applying the herbicide to the weeds at the appropriate age/size, etc.  The label for Arrow recommends not applying the herbicide if conditions are not favorable for plant growth, such as hot and dry.  There are different recommendations based on the species of grass to be controlled.  We applied Arrow at the maximum rate recommended for fescue which was the primary grass we needed to control.

It’s tough to give exact counsel without knowing more details about which grasses and their current growth status.  I recommend you check out the label for Arrow and apply as recommended.

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