Herbicide for Sunflowers, Milo, Millet, and Soybeans

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For the past couple of years I have drilled sunflowers and, in separate plots, a “wildlife mix” comprised of milo, millet and soybeans.  The area appeared to be weed-free at the time of planting (and was fertilized).  In each plot, both years, the weed infestation greatly limited the success of these plots.  Is there a post-emergent herbicide I can use in these plots?  How about using pendimethalin (Prowl) after the food plot species emerge in order to limit the germination of unwanted weeds?



There are some newer varieties of sunflowers that are resistant to specific herbicides such as the Clearfield variety.  However, these varieties and the required herbicides are relatively expensive.  The University of Arkansas has a good publication about sunflower production including weed control.

Milo and Millet are both in the grass family.  Soybeans are in the legume family.  Mixing these crops really limits the herbicide choices.  For this reason, I’ve stopped mixing such crops and now only plant them separately so I can manage them for the maximum yield.  This includes being able to plant at the best time for each crop, using the appropriate fertilizer rates, and using the best herbicide option for the specific crop.

Usually the acreage dedicated to food plots is limited.  Therefore I need maximum yield from each crop, which requires crop-specific management.

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