Herbicide for a Clover Chicory Blend

By Grant Woods,

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I maintain about 20 acres of food plots.  Due to time constraints all of my plots are planted in clover, alfalfa and chicory.  The majority of them are over 3 years old and I am getting a significant amount of grass and weed invasion.  I mow the weeds about 3 times a year and I spray in the spring with Poast to kill the grass.  You had mentioned on GDTV 30 about spraying your clover with herbicide that will not harm the clover but will eliminate other broadleaf weeds.  Is there an herbicide that you know of that I can use that will not harm my alfalfa and chicory along with the clover?



Both Pursuit and Raptor herbicides can be used to control most broadleaf weeds in clover and alfalfa.  However, both herbicides can damage or kill chicory.  It’s very tough to find a herbicide that will not harm legumes (soybeans, alfalfa, and clover) and not harm chicory because it is not a legume.

I really like chicory as quality deer forage, but rarely blend it with clover because it limits my options for weed control.

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