Have you heard of EHD?

By Grant Woods,

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My father is a veterinarian in central Wisconsin and recently sent this in an email;

“We have people turning in legs off of deer that they have found dead on their property.  One guy from down by Fall River.  And then Betsy has found 4 dead deer on her property and 3 of them have the hoof rotting of on one foot.  Some of them look like something has exploded right at the hair line of the hoof called the coronary band.  Have you hear of any of this?  There is one disease called EHD, Epizootic Hemorhagic Disease that kills deer and some of them their hoof sloughs but not to the extent that these deer show.  Interesting.”

Any thoughts?

Scott Elford



Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) has been studied for 50+ years.  There was an outbreak of EHD at The Proving Grounds during 2012.  There’s a very good description of EHD at:  http://vet.uga.edu/population_health_files/hemorrhagic-disease-brochure-2013.pdf

To see some of the results of this disease check out: https://www.growingdeer.tv/#/death-of-a-hit-list-buck

In fact, the 2012 outbreak is responsible for a substantially declined deer harvest still today throughout much of the Midwest.

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January 21, 2016