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Hello Grant,

I am an avid hunter.  I live in West Virginia.  There are not too many places here that try to grow big bucks.  I hunt almost every day on a small piece of land.   How would I go about getting involved with (or a similar group) as a guide?



Wow, I wish I could hunt almost every day!  I think I want your job!!  My first job as a wildlife biologist was as a volunteer.  I applied through the Student Conservation Association and received a volunteer position with the Bureau of Land Management in Elko, Nevada as a wildlife technician.  I spent my summer identifying plants in areas where mule deer wintered and fighting fire.  It was a fabulous start to my career (30 years ago).

The same is true today.  For example I met Brad Mormann, one of my employees for the past five years, while giving a guest lecture at a local college.  I offered the students in that mammalogy class the opportunity to help in a prescribed fire the following Saturday.  Three students out of 30 showed up to volunteer.  Two worked very hard and both of them are gainfully employed in the wildlife field today (Brad currently works for me and Josh is employed by Bass Pro Shops).

There are usually opportunities to get where you want to go, but the route may not be direct.  Brad volunteered simply to gain some experience.  He’s now a published deer biologist that works on projects in several states assisting land owners and hunters with their deer and habitat management programs.  Find an opportunity to start in the wildlife field, even if it’s a volunteer position, and work hard.  I’m always amazed at what can be accomplished with hard work and determination!

Growing Deer together,