Gallagher Food Plot Protection Fence

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Why didn’t those deer just jump that fence you had up?  That fence didn’t look too high, was it electric?  The fence can be 4′ tall and they still jump them in North Dakota so why didn’t they jump yours?



Yes, the Gallagher Food Plot Protection Fence is electric.  It is powered by a nifty solar charger.  The combination of the electric fence and the two-tier approach (the first tier is one wire 18” high and the second are two wires 8” and 24” high – the two tiers are separated by 3’) does an outstanding job of keeping deer out.  Yes, they could jump both tiers, but simply don’t.  Folks use this Gallagher system to protect orchards, vegetables, and other very expensive crops.

The fence has worked excellent at my place.  In areas with cattle or feral hogs, a single tier of two strands can be used to exclude cattle and hogs while allowing deer to access food plots.  The Gallagher Food Plot Protection System is an excellent tool!!!

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