What advice do you have for students considering a career as a Wildlife Biologist?

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I have grown up reading articles of yours in magazines.  I am now a sophomore in college and I want to be a wildlife biologist that focuses on deer management.  You’re an expert in this field so I was wondering if you could give me some advice on pursuing this career.



Thank you for the kind words!  I think the key to being successful in any field is to have a passion for the line of work and seek the best information and training to prepare.  To be a wildlife biologist that focuses on deer management, I strongly suggest you find ways through internships, volunteering, etc., to gain experience and make relationships with practicing deer managers.  I consider gaining experience just as important as the coursework associated with obtaining a degree.  One without the other will leave some gaps in your preparation.  I’ve addressed different aspects of this before and those comments can be found by searching the Ask Grant and blog entries on this site.

I look forward to working with you someday soon!