Food Source in Non-Ag Areas

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I live in NW Arkansas, and we have little to no agricultural crops for wildlife (deer) to eat.  Other than acorns in the fall, what do deer mostly consume in areas like this, from fall to winter?




Deer in non-agricultural areas are forced to be browsers.  That is to say they consume the tips of woody twigs and dead leaves during the winter.  During the growing season they seek herbaceous plants, berries, fruit, etc.  This relatively low quality diet is why deer in non-agricultural areas are usually much smaller in size than deer living in areas with commercial agricultural such as corn and soybeans.

Deer living in areas where there is not specific food sources, such as an ag field, tend to be difficult to hunt as they don’t travel to a specific place to eat on a regular basis.  Some of the best hunters I know learned to hunt in such areas.  They rely on great woodsmanship and scouting skills to locate and harvest deer.  The skills you learn hunting near your home will serve you well wherever you travel in the future!

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