Food Plots and Other Habitat Features

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My property sounds very similar to The Proving Grounds in that I have very hilly terrain with marginal soil.  Can you discuss what type of terrain you look for when adding hunting plots?  I know the obvious answer is flat ground, but outside of that, what are you looking for in terms of terrain surrounding the hunting plot?  Also, once this plot is established, what manipulations/improvements do you make to the surrounding terrain to encourage deer to come into the area and feel safe?



Deer need food, cover, and water.  I try to ensure each of these habitat features are available in areas that I can approach and hunt without alerting deer.  I evaluate the terrain, predominate wind direction, roads, and other features that impact how deer use the area and then attempt to supply all the needs of a deer herd in a fashion that allows me to pattern and hunt mature bucks without alerting them to my presence.  I’m a huge fan of food plots, but they are only part of developing quality habitat for deer and deer hunters.

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