Hidey Hole Plots near Bedding Areas

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We have 160 acres, most of which contain native prairie grass.  The native prairie grasses are full of cedar trees (some are 50+ years old) in most areas from neglect.  We also have large oak stands.  We have ponds and the property has 100′ of elevation change from one end to the other.  Our neighbors have 400+ acres; together we have a nice remote location for the deer. The deer travel to the lower bean fields to graze and return.  I want to clear places for deer and create some low maintenance food plots (e.g. buckwheat).  I can make the opening small (1/2 acre) or large (up to several acres).  What options for size and shape are optimal for deer in making openings?  I can either create the food plots or let the native grass return.

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It sounds as if you have a neat property!  If the soybeans and other local production ag fields are providing year round food for the deer herd, then water and cover could be limited resources in your area.  The hunting on your property might be improved by establishing some small attraction plots for deer so they would have a place to feed while returning to cover.  If this is the case, crops that are prime during the fall, such as winter wheat, would function well and are easy establish.  I call such spots “hidey holes” and they can be fabulous hunting locations!  Remember to locate the plots so that you can approach and remain undetected by the deer you wish to hunt.

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