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I stumbled onto your website through Facebook.  I’m a youth pastor in Salina, Kansas.  I watched the video that you did before Christmas and really appreciated your testimony at the beginning. I love to hunt as do several guys in our church.  I wish I could spend as much time as you do in the field.  God’s creation is so awesome.  I have six teen boys in my youth ministry that love to hunt. Do you ever do anything with young guys?  If we could connect it would be a great experience for them.  I don’t mean to hunt, just spend a couple of hours with you showing the guys what you do and why you do it.  We are affiliated with Baptist Bible College in Springfield (don’t hold that against us) so making a trip to Springfield isn’t that unusual.  Pray about it and let me know.

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Thanks for the kind words!  I host several annual events (field days, shed hunts, etc.) your group would enjoy!!  You are welcome to join us.  There is a fee for events that covers hotel room nights, meals, etc.  It is not a fee based on me making a profit.  I simply don’t wish to lose money on such events.  The registration information will be posted on

I always invite all attendees to join me at First Baptist Church Branson for Bible Study and Worship.

Thanks again and may God bless your ministry!

Growing Deer together,