Eagle Seed Pod Production

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I have been planning for the next season already and I was wondering if you could give me some more insight on Eagle Seed beans.  I have seen your comments but some people are really going after them as not producing good pods.  Are they a good late season food plot?  I am trying to make sure I have a good December/January food plot standing for my herd next year.

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Nic (Illinois)


I think you can simply watch the recent episodes or those from this time last year on GrowingDeer.tv and see a two year history of great pod production on the marginal soils at The Proving Grounds.  The family that owns Eagle Seed has literally been selecting and cross breeding soybean varieties for 40 years to maximize forage quality, quantity, and pod production.  The pod production of Eagle Seed’s forage soybeans carried the herd (and turkey flock) at The Proving Grounds last winter and are currently doing the same this year.  You are welcome to check out the pod production during our annual shed hunt this March!  I’ll post more information about that event soon.

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