Does the moon affect when deer feed?

By Grant Woods,

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I was wondering if the moon effects the way deer behave like does it effect feeding times and movement. I have read articles on how it does but in some of these articles it also says it effects the timing of the rut which is not true. Thanks


Research scientists have now placed 1,000’s GPS collars on deer.  Some of these studies looked directly at variables that are related to deer movement.  I’m not aware of any of these studies that has found a strong relationship between any aspect of the moon’s orbit (phase, degrees north or south of the earth’s equator, etc.).  You may have noticed that deer in city parks, etc., where they are not hunted often actively feed during midday.  You’ve also probably noticed deer tend to be very active just before and just after weather fronts.  In fact, stronger fronts usually result in more deer sightings.  

Predator avoidance and weather conditions seem to be much stronger determinants of when deer are active/feed than the moon.  

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