Does mowing cereal grains make them more palatable?

By Grant Woods,

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Here in central Alabama we have had abundant rains since October 1 and our cereal grain food plots are flourishing. In many of them the plants have grown nearly a foot tall and the leaves are as much as 1/2″ wide. Does bushhogging these plots make sense to increase attractiveness?
Incidentally, not this farm but another that we hunt borders the property of Mark Pugh, a great neighbor.


I’ve never tried mowing cereal grains during this stage of development.  As long as the tips are narrow and pointed the forage should be palatable.  If the plants are maturing past the blade stage and starting to form a round stem the palatability will decrease.   

If the plants are forming a stem, you might trying mowing a sample plot and checking a week later to see how the plants respond. If you do this test please share the results with me!

Mark is a great guy and talented deer manager!

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November 16, 2015