Do you set up with the wind blowing into where you expect to see deer during the rut?

By Grant Woods,

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Dr. Grant,

Being that the rut is soon approaching here in south Alabama, I was wanting to hear your take on wind direction for certain scenarios. Of course, during the season when the rut is not present, I know you want the wind to blow away from where you expect the deer to come. But, during the rut, I’ve always heard a buck will normally present himself down wind of a grunt/rattle to check the area with his nose first. Would it be best to go ahead and set up with the wind blowing into the area of which you expect the buck to be so that your scent attractants will travel in, or should the setup be the same as normal? Also, I will be hunting the rut (like the rest of the season) with my bow.


Haden McGill


I’d much rather set up with a cross wind. I call this threading the needle.  My best hunts are often when the wind is such that I feel I’m on the edge of getting busted.  I’ve experienced good success of mature bucks responding to grunts and coming into bow range using this strategy.

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December 31, 2015