Do you prefer two or four inch vanes?

By Grant Woods,

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Hello Grant,

I have many questions for you.

1. Recently bought 100 acres of redline forest in Wisconsin. There is some mix of hardwoods. Also cows were allowed to pasture in this area for the past few years. There is room for a few food plots which we put in this summer. Are seeing a number of does and a few bucks. Where can I look to help improve this type of forest/property?

2. I see you use fixed broadheads and 2 inch vanes. Just would like input on fixed/expandable and 2 inch vs 4 inch vanes. Does the draw weight matter in this discussion?

3. Do you think this buck should be harvested because of its right beam? Not sure what happened to it. I do see a number of younger bucks with significantly unequal tines – 2 inch on 1 side, 6 inches on the other for example.

Thank you for your time

Dennis Laundrie


I am not sure what is meant by “redline forest.”  I Googled that term and didn’t find any definition.  I don’t know enough about the current condition of the forest to offer any suggestions.  

I shoot arrows and have for years.  I shoot the Impact arrow (very small diameter) with 2″ vanes.  I tagged several deer with the Havoc (mechanical head from G5) last year and was very impressed with the results.  It’s the first mechanical head I’ve tried that I liked. In fact, I liked it so much I’m using it to elk hunt this year!

I wouldn’t tag the buck because of his current antler traits. I’d only tag him if he’s old enough to meet your harvest goals.  I’ve seen several bucks with similar antlers blossom into truly nice deer the following year.

Enjoy creation,