Do you like my habitat plan for where I hunt in southern Virginia?

By Grant Woods,

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Dear MR. Grant
My mother and father own 8 to 9 acres of land in southern Virginia, that two fields. All the surrounding area is wooded for cover. the two fields used to be horse fields one is 1 to 2 acres and the other is 2 to 3 acres. They are not keeping a horse no more so I can hunt this. I have been watching growing deer .TV a lot lately and wonder what you think of my plan for this small property. The larger field has a fawn born in it every year so I think I should leave it alone. The smaller field I want to prescribe fire it then plant food plot half clover and half soybean. then in fall plant a honey hole food plot in area I intend to hunt over. I also want to add a mineral rock where the two fields meet. I plan to hunt from the barn because it over looks the two fields and the back is horse stall with no back so its open to the fields. I killed a big doe there this past season. Please let me know if I should change any of this. keep up the good work with Growing Deer .TV and as always keep GOD first. Thanks Chuck


I like your plan!  I would simply add to make sure and collect a soil sample and have the soil tested.  This often the least expensive and most important part of establishing a great food plot!  Without adding the appropriate nutrients food plot crops are often malnourished and won’t attract deer.  

Enjoy creation,


February 21, 2016