Do you know of any intern positions in Georgia?

By Grant Woods,

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Hi Mr. Grant

I dont know how tight knit the community of wildlife biology is but do you know of anybody in GA that allows volunteer work or internships because i really want to get into it in my teen years and its something i really enjoy ive just never been able to get into it besides putting out food plots and minerals and i just want to go to the full extent.

Thank you for whatever you say/can do and your amazing to watch and i hope to in the near future be able to put your practices and techniques to work


One source of internships/volunteer positions may be The Student Conservation Association!  I started with this group 30+ years ago!  They helped me find an internship working with mule deer in Nevada!

I suspect most internships through the University of Georgia will require the student to be enrolled in college.

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February 21, 2016